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Steel Idler Pulleys

Leaders in the Mexican Automotive Industry

World Class Quality

Mexpulley is a Mexican company specialized in the after-market auto industry.


We manufacture automotive pulleys that given its quality an price:


  • Our customer will reap the benefits of our quality and pricing.
  • We are proud leaders withim the growing Mexican auto industry.
  • Our goal is to surpass all advantages and benefits offered by our competitors in producing steel idler pulleys.


Technical advantages


We manufacture automotive pulleys with recognized quality and competitive princing:


  • Rejects the dirt particles in contaminated envioments. This particles penetrate the plastic and acts as sand paper in the back of the belt
  • Disipate the heat and protect the bearing, the plastic acts as isolation increasing the temperature, overheating the bearing and decreasing its live and performance
  • Resist abration better than plastic, allowing the pulley to maintain the belt alignment
  • Allows the insertion of the bearing without deformation, plastic contracts during the molding process and the bearing rotates out of center, diminshing its live cycle.
  • Steel pulleys are noiseless, plastic makes noise very fast




  • World class quality and competitive pricing.
  • Our efficiency and reliability allows for quick lead times and on-time delivery.
  • We use NTN for our bearing, but have capabilities of manufacturing more economical lines if requested. Our manufacturing capacities meets the product OEM standards.
  • 1 year warranty.
Certificate of Registration

NMX-CC-9001-IMNC-2008 (ISO9001:2008)


52(477)-470-1320 & 21

Blvd. Juan Alonso de Torres 1494-D
Col. Haciendas el Rosario
C.P. 37125 León, Guanajuato México

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